Get Ceiling Advice

At Ceilings and Lighting, we are always happy to share our industry-leading experience and expertise with clients. We provide helpful ceiling advice concerning which types of materials, finishes, colors and methods of production are most suitable for the client’s unique project. With so many options available, Ceilings and Lighting helps clients plan and execute their creative vision with precision and efficiency. Our open cell designs are versatile and can be installed in rooms of varying dimensions and styles.

We also have the ability to produce mock-ups and samples of our open cell systems at request. This allows clients to see a tangible representation of what the finished product will look like. The Ceilings and Lighting team takes client satisfaction seriously, and will be there every step of the way to provide the utmost service and impressive results.

Ceilings and Lighting is CE certified in compliance with EU protocol to ensure the best business practices and production methods possible. This certification demonstrates our company’s dedication to creating safe and effective ceiling systems. With further questions or advice, contact your country’s responsible sales representative.

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