Production Technique

At Ceilings and Lighting, our employees are some of the most experienced and dedicated in the entire industry. Our staff undergoes training on and off site to ensure their knowledge of the product and the industry. At Ceilings and Lighting, we have honed our production techniques and machinery over the years, resulting in a finer quality of product. Our production hall adapts to ever-changing market demands and is spacious enough to allow for small and large projects in m2.

You can always expect quality results and maximum customization of open cell systems from our company. All of the options in our inventory can be adapted to meet specific structural and artistic requirements. We offer a number of intriguing finishes and colours, but most of all sustain precise applications.

No matter the project, the team at Ceilings and Lighting have the experience to create a beautiful and dynamic addition to any space. Open cell systems are special – simply by playing with lines, our ceilings make a statement that elevates any space, even if its dimensions are tight.

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