Safety first!

Fire Resistant And Transparent

Concerning safety and fire preparedness, Ceilings and Lighting’s open cell systems offer maximum visual transparency. The unique grids allow clients to see all the way through the ceiling, making it possible to detect danger earlier. Additionally, the grid structure allows fire, smoke and heat to rapidly discharge without becoming stuck. In the event of a fire, every second is precious.

This is why it’s so important to choose ceiling systems that help diffuse smoke as fast as possible. Our open cell ceilings are made from fire resistant materials, optimised for client safety. Blades are crafted from high-grade aluminium and are not susceptible to combustion. When heated, aluminium does not release toxins – furthermore, it’s recyclable.

Especially in public areas like transit stations, open cell ceilings allow for easier recognition of fire that extends beyond the ceiling or dangerous objects that need to be removed. The space above open cell ceilings can be easily accessed, allowing for issues to be taken care of efficiently.

Since all of our materials are manufactured with the highest quality in mind, clients do not have to worry about our panels and blades being ill-fitting or becoming loose. We make sure to produce effective, identical blades every time.