Open cell ceiling systems

Open cell ceiling systems

When it comes to the design of ceiling systems, everyone has his or her own specific preference. For that reason, we have numerous options to accommodate as many clients as possible. The range of blades and ceiling shapes allow customers to experiment and play with lines. When it comes to the design of open cell ceiling systems, the options you have at Ceilings and Lighting are almost endless.

Open cell ceiling systems in a variety of designs

Whether you prefer a classic and stylish linear design or an artistic grid design, you will definitely find your ideal ceiling at our place. Not only are the design options for open cell ceiling systems almost endless, they are also available in a variety of colors. You could have us install an open cell ceiling in white for a spacious effect, or in a brown wood-like tone for a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Of course the open cell ceiling system can also be applied to a section of the ceiling, for a playful effect or to highlight a certain partition.

Incorporated lighting for an incredible open ceiling design

The design of an open cell ceiling can be made even more spectacular with the appropriate lighting. This is why we not only specialize in open cell ceiling systems, but also in lighting. Combine the two together in an original design and you get an impressive ceiling that is a sight for sore eyes. When you order an open cell ceiling system from us with the lighting interwoven, you are guaranteed of a unique ceiling. We are known for our project based handling and customized ceilings. Together with you we will design an open cell ceiling that suits the atmosphere of your organization perfectly.

Contact us for a customized ceiling

Do you want us to build one of our unique and stylish open cell ceiling systems with incorporated lighting into your building? Contact us by calling +31 73611 0364, sending an email to, or filling out our contact form. We would love to build you the ceiling of your dreams and we do so quickly and efficiently. Our delivery times are short and our service is quick, so if you contact us you will soon enjoy your new open cell ceiling. We operate in 22 different countries, so it is highly likely we can be of service to you too.