Eurogrid T

Eurogrid T open cell ceiling with tiles

Looking for a stylish ceiling with maximum flexibility, then our Eurogrid 15T open cell ceiling with tiles is your best choice. Its tiles are easily sunk into new or existing T15 mm profiles. If the space above the ceiling needs to be accessed simply push the tiles up and lift them out of the grid. Eurogrid 15T is available in all RAL-colors and its dimensions can be adjusted to meet any designer demands.

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ROCMondriaan 1024x683 6
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ROCMondriaan 1024x683 2
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Choose for a unique open cell ceiling with tiles

Its versatility and endless color options make the Eurogrid 15T open cell ceiling with tiles the perfect system for a variety of buildings. Combine them with integrated lighting and the result is an impressive ceiling with a stylish design. This design is also unique, because at Ceilings and Lighting we produce ceilings on a project basis. Let us know your wishes and we will come with a design that perfectly fits the architecture of your building.

A new ceiling in no time

There are more advantages when you order your open cell ceiling with tiles from us. Not only do you have a wide variety of options and do you get a unique design, you also get this quickly. Our service is fast, and the delivery times of our ceilings are short, so you will enjoy your new ceiling in no time. Furthermore, we operate in 22 countries, so it is very likely we will be able to install a new ceiling for you. Contact us by calling +31 73611 0364, sending an email to, or by filling out our contact form.