A baffle ceiling offers a unique solution to uninspired spaces by attractive, yet functional designs that bring the most out of any room. Acoustically optimized and clipped into a suspension channel, baffles from Ceilings and Lighting can also be implemented with sound-absorbing elements. Available in both plain and perforated designs to fit the stylistic perspectives of a wide range of spaces and clients, baffle ceilings create a modern, architectural atmosphere that can be amended to fit one’s liking. Baffles are available in silver and white, can be individually removed and even fitted with black acoustic pads to absorb sound.

A baffle ceiling with incorporated lighting design

With the right lighting incorporated into the design, an exposed ceiling with baffles can be made even more stylish and contemporary. A lighting design with rectangular lights, for instance, creates a stylish and modern look. Round lights on the other hand create a more organic baffle ceiling design. Especially when they are combined with a baffle ceiling that has curved edges. This way straight and organic shapes are combined to form a unique design that makes for an impressive ceiling with incorporated lighting.

Choose an inspiring ceiling design

Brighten up an uninspiring space with an attractive baffle ceiling complete with a unique lighting design. Contact us for a ceiling that is especially designed for your building. You can reach us by calling +31 73611 0364, sending an email to, or filling out our contact form. We operate in 22 countries and would love to provide you with your ideal ceiling. Our service is quick and delivery times are short, so you will be enjoying your new ceiling in no time.