Louvres (ALM)

Louvres aluminum open cell ceiling

If you want to add more dimension to a space, an aluminum open cell ceiling is the way to go. Single Blade Louvres can be considered as one of the most cost-effective ceiling systems around. Its design is compatible with newly placed or existing T-profiles. Applicable as lay-in and regular, Single Blade Louvres ensure a perfect fit with architectural vision and construction budgets. A ‘trackless system’ is also available by request.



A stylish and functional aluminum open cell ceiling

Our aluminum open cell ceiling with Single Blade Louvres is both stylish and functional. When it comes to this and other ceiling types, our product range is broad. We install a wide variety of ceiling systems, so you are sure to find the ceiling of your dreams with us. An aluminum open cell ceiling is not the only way to make a room more inspiring. Our other open ceiling systems are worth checking out as well. For instance our Euroline exposed ceiling, which has a more linear design.

Choose for a quick delivery of your new ceiling

When you want to be able to enjoy this aluminum open cell ceiling as quickly as possible, it is best to have it installed by Ceilings and Lighting. We specialize in the construction of a variety of ceiling systems. The ceilings we build are delivered to you quickly, because our service is fast, and our delivery times are short. Contact us for a customized ceiling. You reach us by calling +31 73611 0364, sending an email to info@ceilings-lighting.com or filling out our contact form.